Birds Eye View Equestrian Center

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Meet Our Horses


Birds Eye View
Buggy is who are farm is named after.  He is the one who started and fostered the desire to create our amazing facility.

We had to let our amazing boy go on March 5, 2018 due to his body losing the fight with cancer.  

March 12, 1996 - March 5, 2018


My Favorite Color's Chrome
Phoenix is our super pony.  He will take you from learning how to steer all the way to jumping around full 2'6+ courses. His favorite thing to do is lick you and he is super friendly and almost always in a good mood. 


HR manager
Willy is our resident goof ball.  He is hopefully going to be our trainer Alex's next upper level jumper. Watch out for him though, he loves to play with pony tails and buns.  


Miss Mary Lou
Missy is one of our lesson horses who loves being spoiled and having a job.  She is super scopy and very opinionated.  She will take you for a trail ride or jump around a course.  She can be very opinionated but loves treats.


Nothin But Icing
Cupcake is the baby of the barn, she is learning how to be an awesome lesson horse, but she is super brave and just went to her first horse show with a lesson student and won her 2' class.  She will be an amazing show horse and lesson horse as she is continuing to develop.