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Problem Horses

Our problem horse trainer has extensive training working with all different horse problems in all different equestrian disciplines. After many years of working with problem horses our trainer can diagnose and get to the root of the problem.

We know that when it comes to any sort of problem between horse and rider it comes down to being one of three problems: 

1) There is mis-communication between horse and rider.

2) There is something going on with the horse.

3) There is something going on with the rider.  

All of these things are something that can be diagnosed and worked through. Sometimes to the owner/rider the problem seems to be unbearable, and that's where our trainer comes in to play and help you figure out your problems. Our trainer will sit down with you to sort through what the problem is, what the projected plan of action is. During this initial sit down our trainer will talk with you to make sure that our problem solving is customized to you and your horse.

We offer the first consultation free (within a certain distance of our farm). During the first consultation we will figure out what the problem is, what the projected timeline is to resolve the problem. We will also determine with you whether or not we will be working at your current farm or having your horse brought to our facility for more in-depth hands on help. 

Our goal is to have happy, healthy horse and rider combinations at the end of our time together. After we have worked with you to fix a specific problem or problems our problem horse trainer is always available to you if you have any other needs or issues.

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