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Retirement Board

We love Retirement Horses.  We love to give them a forever home where they can hangout with friends, be outside moving around and enjoying being social.  

Some horses require individual turnout, buddy turnout or group turnout.  

We have our individual turnout pastures set up to share a fence line so they can still have a friend and socialize but not have to worry about being forced off of their food or pushed around.  

We also have buddy turnout available where we will find a good match for them to go out with without having to worry about them being in with to many horses.  

We also have group turnout for those horses who are social butterflies and enjoy being turned out with multiple horses.  

We are a small farm and so all of our boarders get a stall in our block barn.  Horses are brought in 2x a day for meals and during the winter we throw hay 2x a day.  During the summers horses come in during bad weather.

We put on provided blankets during the winter and fly masks during the summer.

We feed provided supplements and don't mind horses that require extra care because all retirees deserve to be treated with amazing care. 

Retirement board is $400 a month plus grain, hay and shavings.

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