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Alexandria Hallett (Amos)

Below we go through Alex's history in the horse world, through all the different disciplines,

awards and horses that she has worked with.


Walk Trot / Cross Rails

Alex started off doing the Pony Hunters and Equitation. She started her career placing in the Walk Trot and Equitation Class'.

  • 1999 Champion Walk Trot Equitation
  • 1999 Reserve Champion in Cross-Rails Equitation

2000 - 2001

Pony Hunter/ Equitation

Next Alex moved on to the Pony World. Here she competed successfully under the tutelage of Brian Tommerdahl. She proceeded to go on to receive many awards in the Medium and Large Ponies.

  • 2000 Won Gascoigne Pony Medal
  • 2000 Qualified for Pony Finals
  • 2000 Seventh Place – Medium Pony’s - Ohio Hunter Jumper Association
  • 2000 Competed at HITS Ocala


Pony Hunter/Equitation Continued

In 2002 Alex and her pony Bert 'Instant Replay' went on to place Reserve Large Green Pony in Zone 5 and continue on to compete at Pony Finals and place in the Top 20.

  • 2002 Qualified and Competed at Pony Finals 2002 – Large Greens.

  • 2002 Reserve Champion Large Green Pony Zone 5
  • 2002 Sixth Place – Large Pony Hunter – Ohio Hunter Jumper Association
  • 2002 Sixth Place – 11 years and Under Equitation – Ohio Hunter Jumper Association


Childrens Hunters

After re-homing her pony due to Navicular to a mentally and physically handicapped facility Alex started training different horses to compete in the Hunters and Jumpers.


Western/Team Penning

After Alex's trainer Brian Tommerdahl passed away she decided to step away from the show world and start to try different disciplines and really find the joy in riding again. One of the first things that she tried out was the western world of breaking and training horses and having some fun playing in the world of Team Penning.



Next Alex moved on to Dressage. During this time she rescued and rehabilitated a starved Off The Track Thoroughbred from Last Chance Corral in Ohio. After putting weight and muscle back on him and bringing him along in the dressage world. She had a full work up done on her Off The Track Thoroughbred Paco 'New Begginings' before starting to jump. In the work up they found that he had two blown out knees and was twice as old as initially thought. So to make sure that Paco could have the best life possible, he was rehomed through Last Chance Corral to find a forever pasture home.



After learning about the dressage world, Alex decided she wanted to get back into jumping again and decided to see what eventing was all about. During the beginning of 2004 Alex purchased Buggy 'Birds Eye View' and began the next step of her journey with her new life time companion. Buggy and Alex moved to Florida in 2006 and started Eventing in Sarasota Fl.


Dressage In Florida

Once in Florida Alex started to train with MeLinda and Linda Brown in Sarasota Fl. She proceeded to bring Buggy along to 2nd level dressage and was working on 3rd level at home.


Show Jumping

At the same time as taking her dressage lessons, Alex started training with Jimmy Morrisey to start competing in Show Jumping at Imperial Farms in Parrish, Fl. As they started to push Buggy's limits they found that he was capable of jumping much higher than initially expected and proceeded to clear 5' with ease.

Fall 2008 - Winter 2011

College IHSA

Alex went to college at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in Terre Haute Indiana on multiple scholarships: Equine Scholarship, Soccer Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, and a Digital Media Scholarship. As part of her scholarships Alex had to maintain a 3.5 GPA as well as participate in both of her sports at the same time. She also maintained 18 credit hours for every semester of her college career.

During her freshman year, her very first show she came in First in the Jumping as well as 3rd in the Flat phase. At the end of the year Alex was ranked in the Top 10 of the Open Division of her Zone.

May 2009

Kentucky Spring Classic

After Alex's freshman year in college she traveled to Kentucky for the Spring Classic to compete in the Adult Amateur Jumpers with Michael Morrisey as her trainer. While at Kentucky she was able to really fine tune her course work in preparation for the remainder of her summer.

July 2009

Grand Prix

After coming back down to Florida from Kentucky Alex came down to Venice and competed in the Gamblers Choice as well as the 2009 $25,000 Grand Prix. This was Buggy and Alex's first Grand Prix and it was an amazing starting point and learning experience for both of them in the art of jumping such large courses.

Fall 2009

Training and Handling 2

One of the many equine class' that Alex took while at college was Training and Handling 2. This class brought in a horse, or in Alex's situation a cute and adorable 12.1hh welsh pony named Phoenix. The pony that was brought in for Alex was an untrained, never saddled and barely handled pony. Phoenix was picked up in a field and brought in never having been worked with before. The purpose of this class was for Alex to do everything from teaching him to lunge to saddling him for the first time, to getting on and riding. During the 3 months that this class ran, Alex accomplished the following with Phoenix:

  • Walk, Trot and Canter
  • Jumping
  • Walking on tarps and over bridges
  • Shoulder In, Haunches In, Half Pass
  • Turn on the forehand, Turn on the Haunches